Diploma for Facial Specialists


AES Diploma for Facial Specialists enables a candidate to perform basic make-up, safe and effective facial treatments for the face, neck and shoulders.


Upon successful completion, graduates of this programme can pursue their career as Facial Therapists.


The course consists of 150 contact hours. Courses are delivered face to face.


Course Syllabus consist of 2 parts- Theory & Practical:

- Health, Hygiene & Bacteriology
- Business Studies
- Professional ethic / Salon Procedures
- Consultation
- Eyelash Tint and Brow Tint
- Skin Cleansing, Skin Analysis, Exfoliation
- Cosmetic Science
- Skin Products, Ingredients
- Mask Therapy
- Facial Massage
- The Skin, Skin Diseases
- Facial Steamer
- Make-up

- Unit Introduction
- Professional Conduct and Business Awareness
- Make Up
- Skincare and Eye Treatment

Course Fees, Structure & Duration

The course can be taken within a period of 1.5 months for Full Time and 4.5 Months for Part Time.


$ 2629.80 / Total Course Fees Payable
  • $1800.00 Course Fee
  • $590.00 Course Material Fee
  • $28.00 Textbook
  • $17.00 IWC Insurance
  • $194.80 8% GST


$ 2953.80 / Total Course Fees Payable
  • $2100.00 Course Fee
  • $590.00 Course Material Fee
  • $28.00 Textbook
  • $17.00 IWC Insurance
  • $218.80 8% GST

Non-Tuition Fees
– Rental of Locker
– Medical Insurance
– Student Pass Processing Fee (Optional for International Student)
– Miscellaneous Fees

Commence Date
New intake falls on every 2nd week of the month.

Full Time:

1.5 Months / 150 Hours

Every Monday – Friday:

Part Time:

4.5 Months / 150 Hours

Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday:
10.30am – 1.30pm or 2.30pm – 5.30pm

Assessment and Examination

At the commencement of each module, students will be provided the assessment mode and weightings for the module. Most modules have several points of assessment, which may include assignments, tests and final examinations.

In-House Examinations

Theory 1 hour (Multi Choice Paper),
Practical 1 hour 45 minutes (practical includes 15 mins examiner instructions)

Entry & Graduation Requirements

- Candidates are required to score a minimum of 60% in both theory and practical examination in order to graduate from course.
- Must attend all lessons with minimum 100% attendance.

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Diploma for Facial Specialists